The Cost of Mandolin Repair

“Peel away the hopeful interpretations, and the ‘vintage’ stands revealed as simply ‘old’… The gap between my private logbook and the service ticket is the space where the ethics of repairing motorcycles gets worked out.” Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work The topic of repair […]

Truss Rod Adjustment

Paint Your Face Blue and Adjust the Truss Rod Preventable Repair #2  The neck on your instrument is curved because the truss rod has been neglected. There is a lot of fear involved in adjusting your instrument’s truss rod on your own even by those who think nothing of sky […]

Dreadful Over Humidification

‘The marketers seem to grasp that it is not the product but the practice that is really attractive.’ Shop Class as Soulcraft: An inquiry into the Value of Work One of the most damaging repairs Bruce gets in (unfortunately fairly often) is due to over humidification. Remember how he sniffs […]

Bruce Weber – The Mandolin Man

Greetings! Bruce and I want to thank Kyle for letting us participate in his new blog and look forward to writing some articles and your comments!  I, Mary Weber, wife of Bruce, will be writing the first few articles as Bruce is a bit under-the-weather right now. Kyle asked me […]